Frequently Asked Questions


What Is FALF
FALF is the future Africa leaders foundation

What Is FAC
The future Africa challenge is a competition and an initiative designed to explore the creative potentials of young Africans in Africa and the diaspora. It is aimed at exploring the potentials of young innovators within 7 categories of engagement Education: Educate-Africa, Technology: Tech-Africa, Entrepreneurship: Start-up Africa, Humanitarian: Touch Africa, Agriculture: Agric-Africa, Advocacy: Lead-Africa and Movie: See Africa, who are solving problems with innovative means, methods, solutions and projects.

What is FAI?
Future Africa innovators: this is the name given to all applicants who have applied for the Future Africa Challenge

What is the name given to the investors?
They are the MAGNATES

Who are the MAGNATES?
They are leaders of industry, experts, seasoned entrepreneurs who are experienced and vast in all the 7 categories of engagement: Education: Educate-Africa, Technology: Tech-Africa, Entrepreneurship: Start-up Africa, Humanitarian: Touch Africa, Agriculture: Agric-Africa, Advocacy: Lead-Africa and Movie: See Africa

What are the Participation Requirements? Eligibility
You are eligible to apply for the Future Africa Challenge if you meet the following criteria.
1. You are from Africa and an African in diaspora
2. Your idea/innovation, products, means and methods meet a need in Africa.
3. You must between the ages of 15-25 years.
4. You are not related to ANY core member of the Future Africa Leaders Foundation and/or production crew of FAC Tv Show.
**Note: FALF retains the sole discretion to determine the eligibility of potential applicants.

What is the participation cost?
There is no charge for the FAC, however you are responsible for supplying your own devices, internet access and any cost implicative means. All cost and expenses associated with the work or innovation of a team shall be the responsibility of the applicants and/or team and its participating members.

What is the FAC application date
The FAC application will begin from the 1st of March to 31s of March 2022

Will there be Prizes?
Yes, there will be cash grants

How much is the cash grant?
The cash grant is $10,000 for FAC winners for each of the 7 categories of engagement: Education: Educate-Africa, Technology: Tech-Africa, Entrepreneurship: Start-up Africa, Humanitarian: Touch Africa, Agriculture: Agric-Africa, Advocacy: Lead-Africa and Movie: See Africa.

Can I apply for more than one Category of engagement?
No, you cannot apply for more than one category of engagement.

What are the categories of Engagement?
Education: Educate-Africa, Technology: Tech-Africa, Entrepreneurship: Start-up Africa, Humanitarian: Touch Africa, Agriculture: Agric-Africa, Advocacy: Lead-Africa and Movie: See Africa

How do I apply?
To apply for the FAC, the following things MUST be done:
1. Fill the application form on the website:
2. Upload your elevator pitch video (Not more than 2-3 minutes)
3. Wait to be contacted for verification.

What happens after I apply?
1. After your application has been reviewed and processed, you will be contacted by FALF to verify your innovation/idea.
2. If your idea/innovation is found to be credible and investment-worthy, FALF will schedule you for an audition at the region of our choice: so, a correspondence will be sent to your mailbox or contact information you applied with.

Where is FALF office and studios?
No. 21/23 Ize Iyamu Street Off Billings way Ikeja Lagos state, Nigeria.

How can I cancel my application?
You can request to cancel your application by responding with the word “I OPT OUT” when we send you a verification mail. Kindly wait for the verification mail.

How do I receive my Cash grant as a FAC winner and/or finalist?
You will receive your cash grant only when you appear physically on the FAC Tv Show at the final stage.

What do I do after I receive the cash grant as a FAC winner and/or finalist?
As a FAC winner and/or finalist, you will be expected to pitch your idea/innovation before the magnates if you are interested in having more funds to further take your idea/innovation to the next big level.

How do I receive my investment?
This is dependent on the agreement between you and the magnates who have offered to invest in your idea/innovation. This will however, only happen AFTER the episode you appeared on FAC Tv show has been broadcast and the FAC magnates have conducted due diligence on your idea/innovation.

What happens to the investment I receive?
Investment terms are dependent on the agreement between you and the magnates who invested in your idea/innovation.

What questions do the magnates ask on FAC Tv Show?
The questions asked on FAC Tv Show are largely dependent on the information provided in the application form, as well as other information the magnates might deem necessary.

If I have a team, partner or co-founder, should we apply separately or together?
You can only send in one application (on behalf of your team or as representative individual). You can apply with your team, partner or co-founder, but it is not mandatory for both parties to make an appearance on the FAC Tv show.

What items am I required to bring to the FAC audition and FAC Tv Show?
You are required to present product samples or a prototype for display. You might also bring along important distribution documentation if it applies to your idea/innovation. Bring your laptops, mobile phones, Kinects, Oculus Rifts, Leap Motions, wearable computing devices, to whatever inspires you or you want to work with.

I was contacted by someone outside the FALF organizers charging an additional fee to apply, what do I do?
Kindly disregard any information that is not specified on our website:

How will the winner be decided?
1. FAC organizers will produce winners and/or finalist who will also have the opportunity to pitch their idea/innovation before the FAC investors
2. Every FAC winner and/or Finalist who walks into FAC tv Show stands a chance to walk away with Cash grant and the investment they came asking for.

What does my business need to apply?
To apply for FAC,
1. You can only apply as an individual or on behalf of your team, organization co-founder, considering you are within the age of 15-25 years also.
2. Your company must be registered within the African continent having in mind where you are resident. If you are in the diaspora then your company must be registered in Africa.
3. All of your paperwork must be valid and up to date.
4. You are required to present available products, sample products or prototypes and every material you have to give you the advantage.

How many people can I have on my team?
To pitch your idea/innovation on FAC Tv show, your team can only be made up of a maximum of 3 persons including [yourself]. If your presentation will require models/ushers; this will be communicated to you prior to your appearance in the FAC Tv Show.

Can more than one magnate invest in my idea/innovation?
As many FAC magnates who are interested can come together to give you a requested investment, if they reach an agreement together. Sometimes however, one FAC magnate might be all you need to get your requested investment.

My idea/innovation isn’t registered as patent yet. Can I still apply?
Yes, you can apply. However, you will only be invited to pitch at the final stage if your idea/innovation is compelling enough.

If I currently have a board of directors, do I need to dissolve the board to accommodate the FALF investors?
If you currently have a Board of Directors, you might not need to dissolve the board but we advise that you be willing to consolidate a new Board of Directors that may include the magnates investing in your idea/innovation. The final decision will be between you and the magnates investing in your idea/innovation.

What if I’m affiliated with any staff?
Family members of staff of FALF are completely exempted from participating in FAC however, should you be a friend, acquaintance, or associate of a member of staff of FALF, kindly declare in your application.

What about confidentiality of information?
All confidentiality and privacy conditions are clearly stated in the FAC and FAC Tv show terms and conditions. Please thoroughly read through before accepting to apply for the FAC.

What is the program and timetable of the FAC Tv Show?
The program schedule for the FAC is found on the homepage of our website:

What do I need to prepare for the audition and the final stage at the FAC Tv show?
You will be required to record a not more than 3 minutes video presentation about your idea/innovation and send in your specification documents while filling the application form online.

What are the criteria for Judging an innovation or emerging a winner and/or finalist for the FAC and FAC Tv Show?
The Judging process will be based on several factors which includes
* Viability / Usefulness
* Creativity of execution / Wow-effect
* Presentation
* Is this innovative product, means, methods, idea, project addressing a significant global challenge to society and/or the environment, and can this start-up’ product have a wide-reaching impact on same? –
* Is there traction and enough scale in the addressable market for sufficient growth/profit to be an attractive investment?
* Is this a disruptive innovation?
* Ability to execute

Who will be judging the idea/innovation?
Judges for the FAC (the “Judges”) will be a diverse group of highly experienced technologists, investors, academics and industry experts with experience and expertise in evaluating start-up companies, technology, products and services, and/or one or more Tech for Good categories. Each Judge is required to recuse themselves from judging any applicant with whom there is a personal or business relationship, including as formal advisors, investors, or family members.

Can I present an innovation that I had started working on earlier?
Yes, you can under specified circumstances: Every idea, application, design, innovation and invention presented or submitted or presented by any FAC applicant or team in the FAC must be the original individual and or collective work developed by the FAC applicant and or team and one that has not been presented or published either by the FAC applicant and or team or any member of the team prior to this FAC and in which there is no third-party interest or claim.

Is there a code of conduct?
Yes, the idea, work, design or innovation of any FAC applicant and/or team should not violate any existing property right, trade mark, patents, etc.

Can I participate in any other competitions using the idea, innovation, designs, means methods and projects that I submitted for application at the FAC?
If you win in any category or have any kind of arrangement in regard to your idea/innovation, design, applications, inventions, means, methods, projects and products with FAC, then those applications, innovations or inventions cannot be replicated, reproduced or in any other manner be released or shared in any other platform or sold or assigned to any other person or organization. This undertaking also binds each and every other member of the team participating in this FAC.

Are there any recording I might be required by the FAC producers at the Audition?
Recordings will be required for FAC applicants who will be auditioning in- person (onsite) and who will emerge as FAC winners and/or Finalists: the recordings will include the following and much more.

* The audition processes

* Profile Interviews of all FAC Innovators

* Behind the scenes of the FAC innovators having a conversation with the FAC producers/moderators on their expectations and hopes to emerging at the finals after their auditioning.

* The pitching room: this is this is where the final pitch presentation before the FAC innovators will be recorded at the FAC Tv show studio.

* Post interview of the FAC innovators with the FAC producers/moderator where the Fac innovators are given the opportunity to describe their experiences, joys in the pitching room.

Is there a Dress Code for the FAC onsite auditioning and Final Presentation?
Yes: While performance is key to succeeding at your new job, so is presentation. Your style reflects who you are, which is why it’s important to be mindful of what you wear and how you wear it. With these helpful style suggestions, you’ll be prepared to put your best foot forward (in your best shoes, of course) for your first day or your first pitch.

Who is keeping the intellectual property of my idea/innovation?
We shall be having an agreed shared ownership of the idea/innovation depending on what the innovation is.

I have another question that is not answered in your FAQs what should I do?
Please feel free to send us any more questions that are unanswered here to and we shall promptly respond to you. 

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