Mariama Gendemeh from Sierra Leone is a 23-year-old farmer, philanthropist, and the Executive Director of Fresh Veggies Agro Company Limited.
    The company created jobs for 15 youths and generated $1,200. 40% of the income went to community feeding programs. She facilitated food and relief items distribution to 3,000 people across 10 communities. Her "Save the malnourished kids" project reaches over 10,000 children annually. Her Orange Fresh Sweet Potatoes initiative has benefited 12 women’s groups in six communities, sustaining school feeding programs.
    Mariama's company boasts a 50-hectare rice farm and the largest vegetable farm in Kenema. Her rice cultivation recorded a harvest of 850 tons in 2022 and 2023 and her Food Systems Resilience Program impacted over 1,300 members.
    She spearheaded several outreaches in 110 communities, providing essential sanitation materials, soap, and education on protective measures. Mariama organized the SHE LEADS Summit, empowering 500 girls with leadership skills in six schools.
    Through advocacy, she and other female leaders championed a 30% inclusivity of women in governance, resulting in key appointments and wins during the 2023 general elections.
    Mariama Gendemeh is indeed a catalyst for change, redefining leadership and showcasing the incredible potential of the African youth.



    Katleho Mojakisane from Lesotho is a 20-year-old change agent. She launched KidsInTech initiative to provide computer literacy education to less privileged children; a feat that garnered nationwide attention when it featured in 'The Post' Newspaper.

    In collaboration with seven tertiary institutions, Katleho started a career guidance program that has helped over 1000 high school students. Other educational projects undertaken include remedial English language courses and awareness campaigns on drug abuse and sanitation. Her collaboration with media outlets has helped advocate against crime and substance abuse, reaching over 100,000 people.

    Katleho partnered with others to provide basic self-care items and organize self-improvement events for 100+ girls. She impacts over 700 teenage boys with the annual 'A Man To Remember' program, a life skills and athletic platforms. Through her non-profit, Youth On The Rise, she rehabilitates ex-convicts and empowers them to thrive in various trades.

    Katleho was pivotal in organizing the Lesotho Youth Summit, a platform for over 500 entrepreneurs to network with global investors. Her collaborations with health organizations resulted in the development of an integrated reproductive health program to raise awareness about HIV and STIs and their prevention.

    Katleho's story shows commitment to making a difference. Commendable indeed.



    Grace Lamane Fatime is a remarkable and inspiring young leader from Chad who, at age 22, is passionately committed to education and community development. She developed Grace DiGi School, a software that offers students an innovative online learning platform that transcends geographical barriers.

    Her dedication to empowering young girls in technology resulted in Grace leading a community of 1,200 young women, propelling technological advancements in Chad’s society. Providing opportunities for vulnerable children, her initiatives funded tuition for 52 orphaned children, and also fed 160 orphans daily.

    Beyond education, Grace established the God’s Grace Foundation to provide sustainable livelihoods for indigenous communities. Notably, in Sarh, she allocated 5 hectares of farmland, fostering agricultural initiatives that sustain 20 households and benefit over 100 individuals. Grace’s support also reaches incarcerated teenagers, offering them clothing, meals, spiritual guidance, and a renewed sense of purpose. Remarkably, 25 of these youths are converted Christians who, upon their release, now live exemplary lives.

    Grace Lamane Fatime’s software development, community initiatives, and commitment to empowering others, she has become a shining example of what it means to be a true leader.



    Alieu Sasay from Liberia is an exceptional and inspiring individual, who champions Information Technology, education, humanitarianism, and youth leadership. Recognizing the lack of computer education among youth in rural areas, Alieu organized a free three-month program benefitting 250 youths with essential skills.

    His “Sponsor A Child Campaign” provided educational materials to 500 children in orphanages, facilitating their education. Alieu spearheaded the Career Day Initiative, which guided students through various career paths and influenced educational reforms, gaining the attention of governmental figures.

    His outreaches also extended to Margibi County, aiding 700 orphans with essentials for improving their lives. His workshop for 250 girls on Sexual and Reproductive Health promoted informed decisions. He formed strategic collaborations to secure opportunities for rural students’ scholarship and education.

    Alieu’s radio talk show has engaged 5,000 listeners, empowering nation-building and combating gender violence. Preceding the 2023 elections in Liberia, he led a Peace Campaign in five electoral districts and engaged 2,500 students in advocacy against violence. His Impact Liberia Hour on radio and TV has engaged 15,000 people weekly, addressing crucial topics for teenagers, particularly girls.

    Alieu Sasay is an extraordinary leader, whose contributions are paving the way for positive change and inspiring others to follow in his footsteps.



    Annick Bado, a 23-year-old from Burkina Faso, is a remarkable advocate for peace and human rights. Through her skill acquisition programs, Annick raised funds to support 100 teenage mothers and reached over 100,000 teenagers through reproductive health awareness campaigns in 500 schools.

    She organized a 16-day campaign against gender-based violence (GBV), engaging 30 groups of activists. She also raised $15,000 to educate 5,000 displaced children affected by terrorism.

    She established a network of 3,000 youth across the 13 regions of Burkina Faso, promoting patriotism through conferences/workshops. She has collaborated with 50 youth network leaders and 30 organizations from 20 countries to further extend this impact.

    Annick also inspired 100,000+ young people from 12 African countries at the International Youth Conference in Ouagadougou. At a sub-regional forum in Guinea with over 5,000 young people, she expounded on their role in combating extremism.

    Through humanitarian projects, Annick has provided food, clothing, and other relief items to over 50,000 displaced people. Named one of the most Influential women by the Women Leadership in Africa, amongst other recognitions, Annick Bado is an exemplary inspiration and her unwavering commitment to peace, education, and women's empowerment continues to inspire others



    Clinton Arko Agyemang, a visionary leader and founder of Megascope Ghana, is devoted to positive change. Through "Save the Widow and Family Campaign," he supported 20 families and 1,000 children. He also collaborated with charitable organizations to construct 104 shelters for 995 households among floods victims.

    He trained farmers to produce organic weedicides and held a financial literacy program where beneficiaries received up to $5,000 grants to bolster their businesses. He organized workshops for the physically challenged and donated materials for their PWD Center’s refurbishment.

    In the education sector, Clinton’s contributions include stocking the Berekum Library with 10,000 books, organizing conferences for over 5,000 girls, constructing and renovating classrooms, and donating stationeries to 2,000 orphans. He also provided IT trainings and designed three apps to boost productivity.

    Collaboratively, Clinton organized free health screenings, blood drives, and hygiene/first-aid education. He also campaigned against substance abuse, organized sporting and clean-up events, and provided soap making training to foster unity and empower individuals economically.

    His organization of FALCON23 with 5,000+ participants led to the establishment of a Leadership Institute for West Africa.

    Clinton Arko Agyemang's initiatives have had profound impact on youth development, healthcare, education, agriculture, and community empowerment.



    22-year-old Emma Kwaje from South Sudan is an impassioned advocate committed to empowerment, gender equity, and peace promotion. She collaborated with the Ministry of Youth and Sports to petition the National Assembly, advocating for the active involvement of youths in shaping governmental policies. This resulted in free public health services, culturally appropriate schools, out-of-school health education programs, and the integration of life skills into school curricula.

    She established the Banat Power Organization, mobilizing 1,348 girls to champion causes against challenges faced by young women. She provided orphanages, street children, and IDPs, with necessities, skills, and education. In collaboration with Amref, Emma spearheads a Comprehensive Sexuality Education project, distributing 17,000+ sanitary pads to vulnerable communities.

    With Plan International, Emma inspired young girls to strive for excellence as they temporarily assume key government positions through the Girls Takeover Campaign. Her annual GLAM program inspires 11,000+ youths through capacity-building and mentorship programs in partnership with UJOSS, which has mentored 250 girls.

    She reaches 30,000+ listeners weekly on her radio program and contributes to the development of the South Sudanese constitutional youth charter and discussions for partnerships with the Vice President for the Economic Cluster.

    Emma has empowered 20,000+ young people, amplified marginalized groups’ voices, and driven positive change in South Sudan.



    Lyna is a determined and inspiring 23-year-old leader from Togo. She founded Light Network, to enlighten Africans, combat the spread of false information, and provide invaluable mentorship to the youth.

    She promoted entrepreneurship and business development, impacting 10,000+ people in Lome with the launch of an online platform to champion indigenous made-in-Togo products on a national scale. In addition, she raised $1,600 to support a young breeder who specializes in chemical-free breeding and the production of poultry feed using soldier fly larvae slime.

    Through The Amiral Foundation, Lyna and her team provided scholarships for 3,500 children and also collaborated with schools to reduce school fees by $2 for 2,500 children. They partnered with CLIRAP to provide scholarships for young people.

    Lyna and her team impacted 1,000 individuals with the donation of equipment worth $1,800 to 3 hospitals and raised $4,000 to drill boreholes and wells for communities in Togo. She organized outreach programs and training for teenagers, orphanages, and children’s homes, and established a school that empowered widows with valuable knowledge and skills.

    Lyna’s exceptional leadership abilities and dedication have earned her recognition and invitations to speak at prestigious conferences and forums.



    24-year-old Matilda Kahunde from Uganda, a co-founder of the Vibrant Generation NGO, is a beacon to all. With strategic collaborations, Matilda orchestrated several programs and initiatives like Mentorship Summit, Peace Camp, the Joyful Hearts of Hope Library Project, and special workshops for skills training, educational development, and capacity building, impacting more than 700 young people, some of whom received special grants for start-up capital.

    To reduce unemployment among the underserved and refugee populations, she had Business Boot Camps and initiated "SignPost Tubuliire" to help refugees facilitate proper documentation for suitable employment. Still in response to the refugees’ plight, she raised funds and conducted food drives, sports tournaments, and skills seminars, benefitting 155 families and over 1000 individuals.

    Community outreaches Matilda executed include the 1,000 Smiles Project, Malaria-Free Uganda and Vision Spring, health campaigns where over 3,000 beneficiaries had free medical screenings, mosquito nets and other essentials. She also run the Students Alliance against Human Trafficking, sensitizing over 2,000 people.

    To improve the environment in local communities, Matilda organized cleanup mobilization, fruit-tree planting exercises that doubled to reduce erosion while providing food, and sensitization camps for young people.

    Matilda is as a pace-setter and inspiring leader and we celebrate her exploits.



    Wissal Rida, a remarkable 23-year-old Strategic Intelligence analyst from Morocco. She co-founded the Competitive Intelligence Club (CLIC) and has organized engaging webinars for over 600 students and professionals on Economic and Strategic Intelligence and Lobbying Strategies.

    With a USD 100,000 budget, she played a pivotal role in implementing the Rural Entrepreneurship Factory project, which has helped women and youth develop necessary skills in marketing and business development.

    As a volunteer with the Casachabab Association, she has executed programs that address critical issues such as breast cancer awareness, skills development for youth, and blood donation drives. She also worked tirelessly on the construction of 10 wells in underserved communities, and to upgrade 10 schools in rural communities, ensuring access to essential school supplies for the underprivileged.

    By promoting entrepreneurial projects and empowering women, she equipped 58 young entrepreneurs by awarding the best projects with cash prizes up to USD 2,000. She also addressed other challenges faced by women, from enhancing education and healthcare to women's rights and political representation.

    Wissal’s outstanding contributions and unwavering passion for advocacy and community development have merited several prestigious awards and recognitions. Indeed, she is an exceptional young African leader.

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