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The Future Africa Leaders Foundation is empowering its ambassadors and leaders of its network for greater impact in African communities, through capacity-building with the FALF Leadership Institute. The FALF Leadership Institute provides practical and experiential learning opportunities, training sessions, mentorship and insights to support the network of ambassadors, leaders, and mentees. It is strategically organized with high-level facilitators to ensure that our leaders receive the best possible support.


Scale Up with FALF is a training program by the FALF Leadership Institute designed to boost the potential of leaders of our network in planning and implementing innovative ideas that can propel positive change in Africa. The primary objective of this initiative is to provide leaders within our network with an opportunity to refresh and rebuild, ultimately positioning them strategically for higher attainments.


The inaugural edition of Scale Up with FALF was facilitated by Dr Chris Moweta, the Director and Chief Executive Officer of Black & Precious Communications, an integrated brands communications company in Nigeria. Dr. Chris is an astute brand development and marketing communications strategist with over 19 years of experience in the industry, working with local and international markets.


Given his experience and passion for youth development and capacity building, he was able to share valuable insights on "building a strong brand" exposing our ambassadors and leaders to strategies for brand communication, and the importance of storytelling when creating change. "Storytelling creates the emotional connection between a brand and its audience," says Dr Chris Moweta on storytelling. While expounding on building a strong brand he emphasized, "There’s no better way to successfully build a brand than making it relatable through authentic and engaging storytelling". These and more were some of the thoughts shared by Dr Chris on the 13th of April, 2024.


The training session which was broadcast live on the Future Africa Leaders Foundation website, was attended by our ambassadors and leaders of our network from 54 African countries. The session was a huge success, as our ambassadors started ideating brand strategies and discovering the power of storytelling to create a positive impact throughout the continent of Africa.


You can join our network and enjoy incredible benefits through initiatives such as Scale Up. You can also view the rebroadcast by following this link http://www.futureafricaleadersfoundation.org/scaleup

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