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The Future Africa Leaders Foundation held its press conference in Douala the capital city of Cameroon on January 22, 2022

2022 Future Africa Leaders Foundation Press Conference in Cameroon

The nation of Cameroon has felt the impact of the Future Africa Leaders Foundation. The country produced three Star Prize Winners for three consecutive years! What a great achievement. The Future Africa Leaders Foundation held its press conference in Douala, the capital city of Cameroon, on January 22. In attendance, were past and present FALA winners, nominees, dignitaries, media houses, and the esteemed Pastor Akin Oketunji. The Ambassadors of the Future Africa Leaders Foundation addressed the press on the impact young people are making in Cameroon, building a sustainable and transformative society through different innovations and leadership projects carried out around the community. The esteemed Pastor Akin Oketunji gave his keynote address at the conference, he encouraged the youths to always be passionate, having an unquenchable zeal for solving societal challenges. FALA Ambassadors present at the press conference were Mukete Davidson, 2017 FALA winner, Ngassa Merlin Colonel, 2018 FALA winner, Babiene Heline Eweni, 2019 Star Prize Winner, Gwei Michael Wawa, 2020 Star Prize Winner, Nzometiah Nervis Tetsop, 2021 Star Prize Winner. The Ambassadors were interviewed by the media houses, and the conference was aired live on various television stations, radio, social media platforms, etc. The press conference was a huge success. The Future Africa Leaders Foundation explores and expands Africa's leadership potential.

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