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Youth from 4 Counties in Liberia Join Hands for Nation Building

The youth of Liberia have taken an active stance in shaping the future of their nation. On March 30th, 2024, the Liberia National Youth Summit convened youths from Margibi County, Lower Margibi County, Bong County, and Montserrado County, uniting them under the common goal of nation-building.


The summit commenced with a spirited parade, symbolizing the determination of Liberian youth to contribute meaningfully to their country's development. This demonstration of unity resonated with public stakeholders, who pledged their support to the youthful vision for Liberia.


Distinguished guests, including the police commander, government officials, and organizational leaders, graced the event. Notably, Ambassador Christian Kwesie of the Future Africa Leaders Foundation, accompanied by his team, shared insights on the pivotal role of youth in nation-building, inspiring attendees with the potential for impactful contributions.


During the summit, participants voiced their concerns regarding pressing issues affecting Liberia's youth, representing diverse range of perspectives from across the four counties. This collective dialogue underscored the urgency of addressing youth-related challenges and encouraged attendees to take proactive steps towards positive change.


Ambassador Christian's address emphasized the transformative power of youth engagement in nation-building efforts. Motivated by his words, attendees were enlisted into the I-Rep Campaign, demonstrating a tangible commitment to driving actionable initiatives aimed at fostering Liberia's growth and prosperity.


The event stands as a testament to the unwavering dedication of Liberian youth to shape a brighter future for their nation. Through collaboration, advocacy, and empowerment, these young leaders are poised to enact meaningful change and propel Liberia towards progress and prosperity.

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