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This is the final and grand level of the initiative. In this level, qualified participants (those who have satisfy the conditions in the previous stage – i.e. Intermediate) are expected to carry out any solution of their choice and register 100 youth. To complete this stage, participants are to submit reports of solutions executed in both video and picture formats with a succinct script on the impact made and ensure 50 of the 100-registered youth carry out any solution of their choice at the Basic Level. Solutions in this level are as follows

1. Organize a teen science and art fair for at least 5 to 10 schools in a community in collaboration with corporate organization.

2. Empower at least 50 youth on business development plan for startups.

3. Empower at least 50 youth on Social Enterprise

1. Collaborate with corporate bodies to support and establish at least 30 youth in commercial agriculture, such as
A. Farming
B. Aquaculture
C. Animal husbandry
D. Poultry
2. Organize agricultural summits/ workshops equipping farmers for commercial agriculture and source for lands where farmers can cultivate with the help of community leaders, corporate organization and government agencies.

1. Organize a free medical counseling and checkup in slums/community, attending to health challenges for at least 1000 children, youth and adult in a locality (working with professional health officials)

2. Organize a Cardio-pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and First Aid training for at least 1000 youth in secondary schools in various centers.

1. Equip an ICT room with computers in any school within and outside your community

2. With the aid of any corporate or public organization equip or construct a library in your community.

3. Propose innovative ideas to the ministry of education, science and technology

1. Educate and train at least 150 young female teenagers on
a. Web design
b. Mobile Application
2. Organize health campaign on sex and reproduction for at least 1000 young girls in secondary schools

1. Handle a borehole water project in a community where there is no clean water supply.

2 Renovate or construct male/female toilets for use in at least 2 schools.

3. Donate an incinerator in a community and set up structure to manage it.

1. Set up a solar inverter for a school in a community.

2. Set up renewable solar energy in schools in a rural community.

3. Embark on an electrification project in a school in a rural community

1. Collaborate with both corporate and government agencies, organize a trade fair

2. Set up a shopping mall in your community

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