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This is the initial level. At this level Participants are expected to register on the sub-site, after which a mail will be sent to their mailbox to confirm their successful registration. First time participants will choose any solution (programs, services and projects) under the Basic Solution Level and execute it (you can check the homepage for solutions under this level). Participants are expected to upload and submit reports (scripts, pictures and videos) of solution(s), after which he/she can proceed to the next level if desired. Solutions in this level are as follows

1. Organize a skill acquisition program in a community for at least 25 youth training them on different skills, such as;
a. Bead making
b. Fashion
c. Catering
d. Soap making
e. Hair dressing

2. Organize a skill acquisition program in a community for at least 25 youth training them on different skills, such as;
a. Interior /Exterior Decoration
b. Painting
c. Barbing
d. Shoe Making
e. Event Planning

3. Organize entrepreneurship seminars for students in (5) secondary schools.

1. Organize food drives for at least 25 less privileged families.

2. Visit at least 5 orphanages and provide them with food items

3. Visit at least 3 old peoples’ homes and provide them with food items

1. Identify at least 10 schools (Primary or Secondary) in a community with no medical facility and donate 10 First Aid boxes to the school.

2. Organize a health education campaign on personal & dental hygiene, and healthy living habits in 5 primary or secondary schools.

3. Source for family planning drugs for community clinics.

4. Source for sponsors, and donate at least 25 insecticide mosquito nets to children to schools or orphanages.

1. Supply a school with school materials such as books, pens and the Power Of The Mind book.

2. Renovate at least one classroom of a school in your community.

3. Source and distribute relevant textbooks for public schools.

1. Sponsor at least 5 young female teenagers back to school

2. Educate at least 20 young female teenagers on the use of computer

3. Organize an awareness campaign to end all form of discrimination against all women and girls.

4. Organize an empowerment program for over 100 young female teenagers.

1. Equip public primary and secondary schools and orphanages in your community with cleaning items. E.g.: 10 waste bins, 10 brooms, and 10 packers

2. Organize a water therapy campaign and encourage at least 500 youth on the importance of taking adequate quantity and clean water daily

1. Source for sponsors and distribute 100 solar lamps to schools in a community without power supply

2. Organize a seminar on pollution and energy in at least 5 schools

1. Organize training programs on how to
a. Prepare for a job interview
b. Package and prepare a proper Curriculum Vitae

2. Organize project management training for youth.

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